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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not sure he completely understands

When asked by Dad if he was excited to have a little sister, Kenten replied, "Yes!"

When asked why he was excited, Kenten replied, "So she can clean my room."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

37 weeks and counting

3 more weeks to go! Other than heartburn, carpal tunnel, and a very sore back, I really can't complain. Things are going very well. Although I feel like I'm not growing very much, my doctor has reassured me that I'm measuring fine and have nothing to worry about. I just remember being huge with Kenten.

We have decided on her full name and spelling. We're going to call her Joscelyn Kate. Unlike Kenten and all the boys in Branden's family, she will go by her first name.

Kenten cuts his own hair

After spending 15 minutes cutting Kenten's hair, I sent him in to get his neck shaved. I told him I would be there in just a minute and that he should wait. When I got in the house, I heard the clippers going and thought Branden was taking care of him. Imagine my shock when I got in the bathroom only to find the view below. Kenten had taken the small trimming clippers that are for things like necks, ears, sideburns, and the occasionall unrully daddy nose hair and shaved a couple lines into his already cut hair. There was only one way I could think to fix this mess. Branden used the small trimmers to finish the job, giving Kenten his second full hair cut for the morning. Kenten was extremely excited to see himself in the mirror afterwards exclaiming he looked just like Grandpa Faust, who keeps his head completely shaved. I'm hoping this isn't a look he decides he wants to keep. Luckily school pictures were done last month before all of this happened!