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Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally, a decorated bedroom!

Yesterday I finally finished the one project I wanted to do this summer!

These are the before pictures of the room. When we moved in I put up the sports theme. Kenten removed the wallpaper in several places. We haven't been using the crib or changing table. They have become a storage place for all of Joscelyn's extra things. While I was pregnant I didn't want to take over his room too quickly. I thought we would wait until after she was born, and he was a little more comfortable with her before we got everything completed. I didn't think it would take me all summer to get it done though.

Kenten helping. Maybe he'll be more interested in leaving the wallpaper up this time.

The room now has three themes! Transformers for Kenten, Tinkerbell fairies for Joscelyn, and Sports because this wall was pretty much in tact.